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Tools to Help You BOSS UP in 2020

Okay girl, so you want to BOSS UP even more this year? It isn't easy. Being a boss requires lots of time, money and energy. It requires time management, dedication, and a true passion for your hobby or business. After leaving my 9-5 on October 1st (2019) I quickly learned that if I wanted to be successful running my business, I needed to wear many hats and have a good grip of a few skills. Below I'll spill the tea about some of the apps and tools I use to run my business each day. Go ahead and get your pen and paper because it's go time sis!


Have you ever came up with a bomb ass post, planned out your caption, planned when you wanted to post it, and then FORGET to post it on time. A million things may come up when you are trying to do your thing right? Power comes on and your glued to the TV. Baby starts crying. You have to cook dinner for your family. Best friend calls with some juicy tea. Just everything! This is the absolute worst, especially in Instagram land where posting on Tuesday at 6pm vs Wednesday at 11am makes a HUGE difference.

When I discovered the Planoly app I was soooo excited. Planoly allows you to schedule and pre-plan your Instagram posts and even POSTS them for you! Yaaassssssss! You can upload 10 pictures at a time, write your captions and even include your hashtags in advance. I recommend doing this once per week to stay on track (because I could definitely tell the difference during the times I wasn't). Planoly has a free version and a paid version. The paid version allows you to post videos and simultaneously post to Facebook. I just use the free version because it still gets me way ahead and who doesn't like free?


So since you're a whole boss out here, I'm sure you're making some kind of effort towards building your email list (if not start NEEEOW). It can be a bit much to manage offer pages, what follow-up email gets sent to who, and what time to send those emails. Services like MailChimp and ConvertKit allow you to set these things up to stream line your process.

Here's an example. If you've signed up for a free list, trial, etc. the business's goal was to obtain your email address. After you signed up for the freebie you were most likely sent some follow-up emails to tell you more about members of the business or a specific product. This is an AUTOMATED process and you need one for your business too. MailChimp allows you to send out mass emails to your entire email list at once. It shows you who opened the email, who clicked on the links within the email, who unsubscribed (mmmm hm... we see you!) and more. You're also able to create landing (offer) pages on MailChimp that send your freebie to the customers automatically and saves their email addresses for you afterward. This is just the START of what all you can do.

Now, you'll see a lot of people talking about ConvertKit as well. They actually JUST launched their free version last week (for the past 7 years their cheapest subscription was about $30 per month). ConvertKit is awesome, but in my experience it isn't as beginner friendly as MailChimp. I had a bit of a learning curve using ConverKit, but it does give waaaaay more options for automation as it really gets in depth. Take a look at them both and compare.

So if you're familiar with Instagram, then you know you're only allowed ONE linked website in your bio. For some, this may be no biggie because you're only utilizing one platform at the moment, but the more you BOSS UP, the more links and websites you need to direct your potential customers to. Just think about it! You may have your website, your Youtube channel, your Facebook group, your Etsy store, a downloadable freebie, and the list goes on! The moment you change your bio link to one site, you're stopping your potential clients from engaging with everything else. provides a platform for you to create your own landing page with buttons to multiple different sites. This way you only have to place ONE website link in your bio which will direct everyone to your landing page. Based on what the customer is looking for, they can then click on one of the links and be directed to where they need to go.

Just like most apps, has a free and a paid version. The paid version allows you to brand the landing page a bit more and shows you the analytics about the visitors of the landing page. I use the free version because hey, who doesn't like free?

I hope these apps help you continue your journey of BOSSING UP! Check the blog often for more tips as I take this trip down the business owner lane right along with you! We got thiiiiiiisssss!

Sunny Smith

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