Create a  Successful Online Boutique

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Does this sound familiar?

👉 You know you want to set up your own online boutique, but you don’t know where to start?

👉 You’ve seen all these great outfits you want to sell, but you don’t know where to find the right vendors?

👉 You want to focus on setting up your online boutique so you need a little help with branding and setting up your website?

👉 You feel like everything needs to happen at once and you don’t know what to prioritize?

Imagine if instead:

✔️ Your online boutique has a clear structure and you're ready to go!

✔️ You don't have to worry about anything else other than getting your collection together!

✔️ Your website is set and you have a brand that others can trust, so you can focus on running your online business.

✔️ You have someone to guide you through the whole setting up process.

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What will you get?


 1 Graphic or Text-Based Logo

  •  1 Full WiX Website or Shopify Website 

  •  2 E-flyers (for unlimited use on Instagram)

  •  5 Instagram Highlights (for use on your saved Instagram stories)

  •  100 Thank You Cards

  •  2 Instagram Template (for your Instagram feed)

  •  2 T-shirts with your own logo

  •  50 Polymailers

  • 1 Business Card Design

  •  Special Vendors list of trusted sellers, which I'm throwing in for FREE


So how will we get your boutique up and running?

The Process:

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Sunny Smith

CEO of Pretty Face Mean Hustle

Who am I?

I’m Sunny Smith, the CEO of Pretty Face Mean Hustle. I started PFMH in January 2018 to help women boss up and turn their ideas into full-blown businesses. PFMH was birthed because I realized that so many dreams weren’t being fulfilled simply because of lack of knowledge and confidence. Sometimes we need someone that can relate to us to guide us through the process. That's the comfort and confidence that PFMH gives to aspiring female bosses.

Story Time: I quit my job as a bank manager last October and decided to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. By the time I actually quit I was miserable at work and experienced so much anxiety even walking in the door there. God was 10 steps ahead of me and repurposed the money I had saved for an even GREATER good. Now I can live in my purpose every day and be HAPPY about what I do! This journey can be scary as hell, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I help women just like you get past the hump and GO FOR IT! I haven't regretted my decision or looked back not ONCE. Just stay focused and be diligent. Your time is coming!

My Boutique Babe Bundle is one of my faaaavorite services because it allows my clients to focus on what they love.... SHOPPING! lol While I work on the branding and content, my clients are able to focus on finding the perfect vendors and getting to know them.

All while we form a team and create a BANGING business!

➡️ First you will buy the Boutique Babe Bundle. Simply Add to Cart and follow the process.

➡️ I will e-mail you afterwards and we will set up a call where we will talk about all your needs and how we can make your new boutique a success.

➡️ We will start with creating your brand. Once that's done, we will set up everything you need.

What others had to say:

Testimonial Pretty Face Mean Hustle
Testimonial Pretty Face Mean Hustle
Testimonial Pretty Face Mean Hustle
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Businesses I helped become a SUCCESS!



How long will it take to have my online boutique set up?

I thrive to set your online boutique up within 30 days.

How will the communication go?

Most of the time, I communicate with my customers through email, but if you want to it is also possible to schedule regular calls to talk things through.

What if I don’t like the logo and branding?

You have unlimited revisions of the logo and branding. This is the bread and butter of your business so you have to be perfectly satisfied with this.

Which platform are you using to set up the website?

Normally I build the website using Wix, but it is also possible to have your website built in Shopify upon request.

How many pages do I get on the website?

I create 5 pages for you on the website. I also create a template which you can use for all your products.

Can I pay in installations?

Yes you can contact me and we can set up a deposit and a final payment method. This way you will pay 50% upfront and 50% after the process is finished. Just e-mail me at

Buy Now and get your boutique online

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If you'd like to choose my deposit option, pay half now and other half two weeks later then:

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